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Comforting and proffesional day care

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Kinderdagverblijf (Day care) Skippy has four groups of full day care; two baby groups (0 to 2 years) and two toddler groups (2 to 4 years). These groups, so-called horizontal groups, are divided according to age. Research shows that children in separate infant and toddler groups score higher on involvement and well-being. In horizontal groups, children talk, play and explore more together.

In terms of daily rhythm and supervision, horizontal groups allow pedagogical employees to align the needs and interests of the age group they work with. Group furnishing is adjusted accordingly so that, for example, the youngest children feel more secure, and tranquillity, hygiene and safety are guaranteed. The furnishing for the toddler groups is more challenging and gives the children plenty of space to move around. We adhere to a maximum number of children that attend the day care only once a week. This quota minimalizes diversification for the children, maximizes the stability in the group and reduces the workload for our pedagogical employees.

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Toddler gym

Sufficient exercise ensures good health. Group activities are excellent for developing social skills. SKK believes exercise is important and therefore offers gym sessions for all the toddler groups. Our sports teacher offers exercise lessons one or two times a week, alongside a permanent pedagogical employee!

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Garden and roof terrace

On the first floor, the baby groups each have two bedrooms and an adjoining roof terrace. On the ground floor, the toddler groups each have access to a playhouse and direct access to our adventurous garden. The large, green garden has a vegetable garden and plenty of space to play!

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

In the heart of Kralingen

Kinderdagverblijf Skippy is located on the Vredehofweg in the heart of Kralingen, close to the (primary) schools and Kralingse Bos (forest). The Kralingse Bos is a great place for field trips! Skippy is a small-scale day care, housed in a unique, historical building.

kinderopvang kralingen

Warm meals

Kinderdagverblijf Skippy offers parents the option to purchase a daily warm meal for their child. Parents can choose between a warm meal or the standard sandwich lunch. A warm meal gives parents the certainty that their child is getting all the nutrients it needs during the day and ensures that the evening rush hour is a little less busy.

Point of contact

Mirjam Bloem

Location manager

Opening hours

Daycare Skippy is open all year round, with the exception of national holidays.

The standard opening hours of our location is 7:45 until 17:45.

You can make purchase one of our extended packages. The following options are available.

Package A: 7:45 until 17:45
Package B: 7.45 until 18.30

From 2023 the standard opening hours of our location is 8:00 until 18:00.

You can choose one of these packages:  



8.00 – 18.00 


7.30 – 18.00 


8.00 – 18.30 


7.30 – 18.30 


Kinderdagverblijf Skippy will be closed on the following days in 2024:

Easter Monday: Monday April 1th 
Ascension Day: Thursday May 9th 
Whit Monday: Monday May 20th 
Policy Day: Friday October 18th 
Christmas: Wednesday December 25th 
Boxing Day: Thursday December 26th
New Years Day: Wednesday, January 1th

Our rates

At our day cares, parents can choose a package of a minimum of 10 hours per day. Many other organizations only offer packages of more than 10 hours a day, even though parents may not need more hours. If you do, however, require a package of more than 10 hours a day, you have the option to choose a package with extended hours. This ensures that you only pay for what you need and actually purchase.

The hourly rate at KDV Skippy is € 10,43 in 2024. Rates include diapers and a sandwich lunch.

The hourly rate for the packages including a warm meal is € 10,68 in 2024.

Click here for  a complete overview of prices and packages for full day care for 2024.

Childcare allowance
You can apply for the childcare allowance from the tax authorities via In order to do so you need the LRK number of Kinderdagverblijf Skippy: 961976287.

Do you need help applying?

If you need help with applying for the childcare allowance, please make an appointment with Natasja Knappert at 010-2409424.


Floddertje | 0 – 2 years
010 2125333

Pippeloentje | 0 – 2 years
010 4524420

Abeltje | 2 – 4 years
010 4524263

Otje | 2 – 4 years
010 4524257