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Comforting and professional child care

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

We offer after-school care during school weeks until 18:15 (extendable to 18:30). During holidays and study days we offer full day care from 8:15 to 18:15 (extendable to 18:30).

It is also possible to purchase only holiday care and/or incidental care during study days (studiedagen). Additional vacation days can also be purchased in consultation with the pedagogical employees of your child’s group.

NSO de Speeltuin has two locations: location Honingerdijk and location Assendelftstraat.

Location Honingerdijk:
At this location, 6 groups are divided by age. The group rooms for the youngest children (4-7 years) are located in the log cabins on the Kralingen Playground and in the room in the Playground Building. Two groups of older children (6-9 years old) use the Scouting building, directly opposite the Playground.

Location Assendelftstraat:
There are 2 groups at this location, the oldest age group (8 +) and an intake/vertical group (4-8 years). The group rooms are located in rooms of the NPRS2, this school started per school year 2021/2022. The intake/vertical group at this location is (only) intended for children from the NPRS (location Hoflaan and Assendelftstraat). Children placed at the Assendelftstraat location use the Honingerdijk location, corner Speeltuin on Wednesdays and Fridays during school weeks, study days and holidays.

stichting kinderopvang kralingen


NSO de Speeltuin picks up children on foot at the following schools:

Kralingsche School (KS)
Montessori School Kralingen (MSK)
Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool (NPRS)
Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool II

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Unique outdoor area

NSO de Speeltuin is located in a truly unique place in the middle of greenery, located on Honingerdijk and Assendelftstraat in the Rotterdam district of Kralingen. The groups are located in De Speeltuin Kralingen and in the schoolbuilding of the NPRS II at the Assendelftstraat.

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Outdoor (activities)

We work with an open-door policy and offer a variety of workshops for the children. The children can choose in which room they would like to partake in an activity. Participation is completely voluntary! The children are free to choose whether they would like to participate in an activity and are welcome to fill in their afternoon as they see fit. In addition to workshops such as yoga, crafts, dance and drama, we also offer and emphasize the importance of outdoor play and sports.
Point of contact

Monique van de Merwe
Location Manager

Parent Committee

Opening hours after-school care

NSO De Speeltuin is open all year round, with the exception of national holidays. The location's standard opening hours during school weeks are from end of schoolday until 18.15 hours. You can choose different options: BASIS 52 weeks and 40 weeks (including and excluding holidays): end of school day until 18:15 Package LATE 52 weeks and LATE 40 weeks (including and excluding holidays), extended care until 18:30 During study days (studiedagen) at the schools, we have the same opening hours as during holidays: from 8:15 to 18:15 hours. You can register for extra childcare for these study days by contacting the location manager ( Extra days will be invoiced at a later date.

NSO de Speeltuin will be closed on the following days in 2023:
Easter Monday: Monday April 10th 2023
King's Day: Thursday April 27th 2023
Ascension Day: Thursday May 18th 2023
Whit Monday: Monday May 29th 2023
Policy Day: Wednesday October 25th 2023
Sinterklaas: Tuesday December 5th 2023, all locations close at 16:00
Christmas: Monday December 25th 2023
Boxing Day: Tuesday December 26th, 2023

Our rates

The hourly rate for childcare during the school year and during school holidays in 2023 is €8,60.

Click here for a complete overview of prices and packages for childcare for 2023.

Childcare allowance
Through You can apply for childcare allowance from the tax authorities via To do so, you need to fill in the LRK number of NSO de Speeltuin:

NSO de Speeltuin: 221585163
NSO de Speeltuin locatie Assendelftstraat: 212463056


Do you need help?
If you need help with applying for the childcare allowance, please make an appointment with Natasja Knappert 010 2409424.


Location Honingerdijk 

Ster ( speeltuin terrein) | 4 - 7 years

Pluto (KDV Marijke) | 4 - 7 years

Maan ( speeltuin terrein) | 4 - 7 years

Komeet ( speeltuin terrein) | 7 - 9 years
06 -16535690

Raket ( scouting terrein) | 7 - 9 years
06 -16141372

Astronaut (scoutingterrein) | 7 - 9 years

Location Assendelftstraat

Grote Beer | 8 - 12 years

Kleine Beer | 4 - 9 years