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A green oasis in the middle of the city

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Our locations are characterized by their bright, cosy atmosphere and spacious, green outdoor play areas. Kinderdagverblijf (Day care) Skippy is located in the heart of old Kralingen. Kinderdagverblijf (Day care) Marijke is located on the edge of Kralingen between green sports fields and a playground with ample parking space. The parking lot is accessible to all baby and toddler groups and after-school care as well.

What parents say...

They prefer to stay every day…

"Our child is in really good hands here and we feel that he is not only well educated and has a lot of fun, but that he is also loved. That makes us feel safe. Pleasant atmosphere, many extra activities."
"Dear nice teachers with a lot of experience. Pleasant atmosphere, Good facilities, Lots of space, Dear teachers, Good communication, Very nice outdoor play area. A space for the babies and a space for the toddlers. The babies also go to a lot outside of something you don't see at many childcare facilities because they don't have their own space."
"All three of our children are now known here and feel at home here. Warm and small-scale nursery, involved and open. Pleasant atmosphere, Good facilities, Lots of space, Dear teachers, Good communication."
"Our son has been going to this childcare for 3 months now and we are very happy with the choice we made. The space is very homely and the staff moves with the times. For example, a parent portal is being used in which parents can follow their child and a fingerprint system to grant parents access to the building. We experience personal attention and positivity towards the children. The building is also in a beautiful environment and close to the Kralingse Plas. In short, a must for other parents! atmosphere, good facilities, lovely leaders, good communication."
"I am happy to bring my daughter to Skippy. There is a nice atmosphere, the teachers are friendly and well trained and take the time for you. The space is clean, spacious and the materials are solid. The app they use is handy ( notes, drinking/sleeping etc), but especially the photos are very nice! I would definitely recommend the KDV!! Pleasant atmosphere, Good facilities, Lots of space, Dear teachers, Good communication."

A day in the life

A preview of what a day is like at our childcare locations

NSO de Speeltuin (after-school care):  Relax with a cracker or some fruit after a long day at school while the teacher listens to your day,  have fun at the Speeltuin (playground) or exercise at Excelsior training grounds, partake in a dance/craft/cooking workshop or just chill outside with some friends in the playground or at the Scouting grounds. This is what an afternoon looks like at our after-school care.

MPK (half day care for toddlers): Playing in the grass with twigs, going on an adventure through the jungle or the Arboretum, tasks and activities with Montessori materials, sitting in a circle to learn how to listen to each other and to learn how to “do it yourself”. A morning of playing and learning flies by at our Montessori Peutergroep Kralingen!

KDV Marijke and KDV Skippy (day care): Making sand cookies in the sandbox, building a hut with sticks that you’ve gathered yourself, singing songs, biking and exploring the garden, coming together to enjoy a sandwich, a warm meal or fruit… And when you’ve worn yourself out, relax and listen to a book being read aloud as you slowly start to doze off… This is what a day could look like at one of our day cares!  

stichting kinderopvang kralingen
stichting kinderopvang kralingen


Each child is assigned a mentor. The mentor is a pedagogical employee who works in your child’s group. The mentor periodically discusses your child’s development.

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Room to play

Exploration and discovery are central to us. There is much to discover in our unique outdoor play areas. At our after-school care, the words relaxation, outdoors and sports are key. After a long day at school, the children can choose where, what and with whom they want to play.

stichting kinderopvang kralingen

Parent portal

Every group works with an iPad, which is used to provide parents with updates via our parent portal. Parents can find information regarding their child’s day, photos and activities in the parent portal.

stichting kinderopvang kralingen


We offer a daily sandwich lunch. Parents also have the option to choose for a warm meal for their child. Fresh fruit and healthy snacks are offered daily at all locations.