We are thrilled to find out you are interested in our locations! For parents who have received an offer, it is possible to make a personal appointment for a guided tour. You are welcome to contact the location yourself for this.

We organize information mornings for all other (future) parents. You can sign up for this by filling in your details below, you can indicate which date you prefer.

What can you expect?
*we will inform you about our working method and you will be given a guided tour
*the information morning lasts about an hour
*there is an opportunity to ask questions
*there are a maximum of 3 parent (couples) present at te same time, so that we really pay attention to you
*register your child prior to the information morning, via the REGISTER button. There is a lot of demand four our services, the registration date determines the order on the waiting list.
Registration does not oblige you to anything, see the frequently asked questions under the REGISTER button.
*you will receive a confirmation email a week in advance stating whether you are expected at 10 am or 11 am
*the working language is Dutch, if you are interested in an English information morning, please let us know via
*if you have any questions about the information morning, please contact us: 010-2400092 or


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